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Deeper Pilates
Deeper Pilates
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60 min class

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Deeper Pilates

60 min class

Deeper Pilates (Livestream)

A leg focussed workout but taking in the whole body for an all over toning.

Stronger Pilates (Livestream)

A fusion of Pilates and Kettlebell work for a strength building, cardio boosting session.

Deeper Pilates (Livestream)

A challenging core workout with lots of adapted moves to make you think about how you are working.

Move Well Class (Livestream)

A great general check in for the whole body. Working on findings from the movement testing and working through making change in the body

Gentle Pilates (Livestream)

A lengthening routine to open the joints and decompress, finding ease and creating focus on the specific joint functions.

Deeper Pilates (Livestream)

A core challenging mat work class. Working everything from top to toe.

Deeper Pilates (Livestream)

In Intermediate class with plenty of challenge for the core.

Move Well Class (Livestream)

A class where we look at mobility in the spine & hip. Small movements working towards improving range and awareness.

Deeper Pilates (Livestream)

A Mat Pilates Class taking individual sequences and combining them for added intensity and coordination.

Move Well Class (Livestream)

In this unique Move Well Class we will be looking at the neck and shoulders and how they are affected by other areas of the body.

Take the movements and work in the range that you feel comfortable in.

Always test where the movement is to start with, apply the restorative movements and retest to see what changes have occurred.

Focus Pilates

Adding a very deliberate focus to the movements, we explore the benefits of being mindful in your Pilates workout.

Lower Body Mobility

A short routine aimed at mobilising the joints in the ankle, knee and hip. Creating a more mindful Pilates practice.

Abs Blast

A short intermediate routine targeting the core muscles.

Pilates with weights

A toning class and Pilates blended together for the ultimate workout.

Mat Pilates part 2

The second of a two part Pilates video aimed at giving you the feel of a full class. Can be done together with part 1 or separately.

Mat Pilates part 1

The first of a two part video series to be linked together with part 2 or done separately.

Hip Centred Workout

A short hip focussed routine to mobilise and strengthen using Pilates work

Whole Body Pilates

From toe to top, we work through the whole body mobilising the joints and moving rhythmically to help free up the body from restriction.

Move Well

A Move Well session aimed at helping your back and hips.

Please have a small rolled up towel nearby in case you need it. We will be doing some work on hands and knees.

Intermediate Challenge

An intermediate level class with a core challenging routine. No equipment necessary.

Relax Pilates

A short relaxing Pilates routine. No equipment required

Pilates with a twist

Pilates with some interesting variations on the traditional repertoire. No equipment required.

Mat Pilates

An intermediate Mat Pilates class to elongate and challenge you. No equipment required.

Pilates Challenge

An Intermediate Mat class moving the whole body through a flowing sequence. No equipment required.